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I've been taking my car to Bartel's for years. They have a friendly and experienced staff that takes the time to not only explain but show you what needs to be done before they perform any work. I know when I take my car to Bartels, the service issue will be completed professionally and timely. Also, I love the complimentary shuttle service!


I love them. They took a completely crap-tastic situation and turned it around. I was having a stressful week--looking for a place to live with new roommates, just started a new job, when I got a flat tire 30 miles from home. Fixed it that night, and called Bartel's first thing the next morning to see if they could squeeze me in (since it was on my way to work). The girl that answered the phone said sure, she could get me an appointment in 15 minutes--perfect! I took it in to get the tire looked at, they said it should be 20 mintues and then I would be on with my day. Well, not so much. Apparently they guy who was working on my car was new, and forgot to move one of the arms on some apparatus out of the way when they lowered my car. The driver's side door was open, and so it got bent so much that it would no longer close. The owner and the general manager both came out to tell me the good news was that the tire was fixed and they wouldn't be charging me. The bad news was that I couldn't drive my car. BUT, they had already called Enterprise and were going to pay for my rental until my car came back from the body shop. Amazing customer service. I will definitely be going back there. Not only was the door fixed (as well as the tire), I never paid a penny AND when I got my car back they had washed the outside and even detailed the interior. Nicely done!


I’ve been bringing my 2003 Yukon Bartel’s for service since 2009. The first time was to fix a problem my old mechanic couldn’t resolve after 3 tries, finally telling me it was nothing to worry about. The service technician at Bartel’s correctly diagnosed the issue, provided a detailed quote and repaired the vehicle.The people there are professional, provide written estimates in advance and the work is done right the first time. My vehicle has 145,000 miles on it and they keep it running great.


The service guys there are friendly and they don't pressure you to buy anything. I took my car in for a brake job and they did fine, maybe could've gotten it done elsewhere for a little less, but can you put a price on trust? Plus they seem to back up their work. And to Alecia, if they offered you a new transmission for $300, that's one hell of a deal.


I was driving out of my work parking lot and hit a well-placed pothole at the end of the lot. Next thing I know, it sounds like the bottom of my car dropped out and is now grinding itself to pieces on the asphalt. Yeah, I know nothing about cars, but I did figure out that the piece of car dragging along the ground was my muffler. Fantastic. My kind co-worker reattached the muffler with a coathanger (on a 90* day, on the hot asphalt, bless his little soul, and yes, I gave him a gift card for that), and sent me on my way.I stopped by Bartel's because it was on the way home from work. I told them the problem and asked if they could do it and give me an oil change at the same time. They said sure. They took my car in right away, on the spot, and told me it would take about an hour or so.They told me the screw had snapped in half in the hanger of the muffler and it needed to be drilled out, for which they charged me $30. They didn't charge me anything else than that and the oil change, which was $20-something bucks. My kindly coworker had told me the screw had snapped in half, so I know they weren't just going for a few extra bucks. Honesty is a plus.While I waited, I read their nice selection of magazines, talked to another client (whose wife I work with - small world), and drank several cups of coffee, which was pretty good. The waiting area was clean and comfortable, and their bathroom was clean as well, which is good to know when one ingests several free cups of coffee.I came out of there within an hour and a half or so, with an oil change and a rehung-muffler.The only reason I'm giving a star down is because, as other reviewers mentioned, they handed me a list of things I needed to get fixed as soon as possible. The list included roughly $1,000 worth of repairs. I've been to other shops in a few months worth of time, and no one gave me such a large list or such a nice big quote.I'm not sure whether or not my car really needs all these things, so I'm sure I'll take it somewhere and get a second opinion, so I can't say perhaps these things weren't truly necessary and they were really doing me a favor. I also have to give them credit for giving me this list AFTER having me pay my bill. They could have come out and tried to pressure me into getting all this done while they were fixing my car. But they didn't. So that's good.All in all, no major issues. I'd go back. :0)


They didn't try to sell us anything! Hubby just took his car in here for an oil change and to have the battery checked. He was also worried about the brakes and asked to have them looked at. They checked it out and told him he didn't need brakes or a battery, but he needed tires. There was no spiel for buying THEIR tires. They also fixed a rattle by putting a clamp on the muffler. All this for $33.93!He dropped the car off and it took 2 hours for this, so who knows how long it would take if he waited. Usually they are a little more speedy if you're sitting around. The inside of the facility is clean and it's pretty brand new. It's always hard to find a good mechanic, so check this place out if you need one!

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